About Us


Ian is Bristol born and bred, and has worked in fruit and veg sales for the last 12 years. Over the years he has built up a reliable group of local suppliers who provide him with the freshest, tastiest organic produce at amazing prices. Recently he has branched off on his own using the best of these suppliers.

Four Seasons Produce Ltd. is a family-run organic wholesaler in central Bristol. We specialise a wide range of fruit and vegetables, cheese and eggs all produced to the standards set down by the Soil Association. We supply to all aspects of the organic market, from wholesale to schools, farm shops, box schemes, caterers & delicatessens, to domestic deliveries. We work directly with the best local family farmers and makers who believe, like us, that food doesn't need lots of weird stuff added to it to make it safe, fresh and delicious. This also reduces the carbon foot print of all our goods and allows us to support regional organic agriculture. Because we are a family run business this allows us to provide a high level of individual tailored customer care.

Soil Association Licence Number DA22759