Why Organic?

At Four Seasons Fresh Produce Ltd. we pride ourselves in providing 100% organic produce.

Why Organic Food is Better

Organic food tastes better, contains more nutrients than its non-organic counterparts. Come and try for yourself!

What is Organic Farming?

Artificial fertilisers are banned and farmers develop fertile soil through crop rotation, compost maneuvre and clover.

The organic farming industry recognises a direct correlation between our health and the food we consume.

What the Soil Association Certificate Means

The Soil Association is a charity which promotes and develops a sustainable approach to farming across the EU, setting out rules and regulations for all registered companies. Find out more at the Soil Association Website

These standards are amongst the highest in the world!

No GM!

The Soil association ensures that NO Genetically Modified products are produced or sold by registered organisations.

What's the Buzz about Bees?

The plight of global bee populations is a topical one. Organic farming encourages wildlife to live alongside the fruit and veg. Because artificial fertilisers are banned, organic farming is helping bee populations by avoiding fertilisers containing harmful chemicals such as neonicotinoids.

Lower Carbon Footprint

We source all our produce locally where possible.

Organic fruit and veg is more eco and environmentally friendly due to the farming methods and it uses less oil-based fertilisers and pesticides.